5 Ways to Improve Kicking Power

🔔 Hi I’m MariLiis Bateman and I’m from trembling Shock Martial Arts and today, I’ll be showing you five ways to improve your kicking power.

The first way to gain a powerful kick is exercise plyometric drills. Plyometric drills benefit in many ways for athlete. This including: building muscles, burning fat, and improving athletic performance such as power. One study found that moderate plyometric training just twice per week was affective in producing power. These help strength your hips which is necessity to kicking power. And there’s one key thing about it. Plyometrics do not need the use of equipment so you can practice them on a daily basis. Some plyometric drills to focus on are:

🥊 -The Box drill

🥊 -Reverse Lunge with knee-up

🥊 -Long Jump

These drills help focus on the physic and power of your legs and hips which is the beginning for a powerful kick.

Similar to plyometric drills, you must exercise strength drills. Unlike plyometrics, which focuses in your legs, you must

also focus on other parts of your body to build strength into your kick. For these, you may need some equipment. For my training, I’m involved in a program called M.O.P Squad. This program involves a series of tough workouts to prepare me for mud runs and it has made my kicks stronger. Some examples of strength drills include:

🥊 -heavy carries

🥊 -pull-ups

🥊 -squats with a medicine ball

Along with strength training, having a strong center core is the bas to a powerful kick. Whenever you kick, the center core engages to create the power in your kick. Once the center core engages, all the other aspects of a kick follow behind. So it is highly important to make sure that you center core is at your maximum capability. A few exercises that benefit your core are:

🥊 -Plank sit throughs

🥊 -Crunches

🥊 -Bicycle Kicks

A tag along with core training is to kyup, yell, while you execute the kick. A kyup can be compared to a balloon popping. Your lungs are the balloon, and as you build energy, blowing air into the balloon, any moment the energy is released, this representing the balloon popping and this representing your kyup.

Lastly, in order to gain a more powerful kick. You must practice kicking to different areas. One thing I’ve noticed in sparring is that everyone goes for the body. Why not switch it up and kick to the head more often? Although younger athletes can not have full contact to the head, it is still a key factor to gain power at higher heights. It is easier to have more power hitting at a lower region than high. So, if you don’t practice kicking higher, you’ll never gain the power at hitting higher targets.

🎲 So the 5 ways to improve your kicking power are: practice plyometric drills, incorporate strength drills into your training, exercise your center core the maximum capability, kyup as you execute the kick, and kick at higher targets. If you combine all 5 of these aspects together than, SHABAMY, you have gained a more powerful kick.

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