5 Ways to Improve Punching Power

🔔 Hi, I’m MariLiis Bateman and I’m from Trembling Shock Martial arts, and today I’ll be showing you five ways to improve your punching power.

The first aspect of a powerful punch is to practice upper body plyometrics. Just like kicking powerful with plyometrics, the same philosophy applies, and that is plyometrics develop fast-twitch muscles. A few ways to gain this power, through plyometrics, with a medicine ball, are:

🥊 -Medicine ball rotations

🥊 -Partner Passing

The next 2 ways to have a powerful punch is to practice timing and hand flexibility. The reason these 2 different aspects must be put together is simply because of physics.

For timing, the equation would be force= Mass * acceleration. In order to understand this, imagine your opponent coming towards you. Your opponent is a big mass coming towards your accelerating punch and mass. If you can time it right you could use your opponent’s mass against them.

Not only is this powerful, but it puts you into a position to follow through with another technique

For flexibility, this helps you create a better acceleration which in this case, the more acceleration will effect force. Some ways to gain hand flexibility is to practice hand dexterity drills like:

🥊 -Claw stretch

🥊 -Finger lifts

🥊 -Thumb Touches

Another way to improve punching power, is to have a strong base. While you punch, it is a mistake to lift a foot up. This tiny motion takes away time, speed, balance, and power. Unless the punch calls for a jumping motion, keep your feet planted on the ground, but also don’t stay flat footed, be on the tips of your toes. Along with planting the feet, if you slightly bend your knees, it will give you a more balanced base.

Lastly, when you punch, do not step at the point of impact, instead, go through. This motion can be represented with breaking a board, with a punch. If you stop once your fist meets the board, the energy is spread-out and does not break the board, but if you continue through, the energy is centered and breaks the board. Think as punching your opponent as breaking a board, punch all the way through.

So the 5 ways to improve your punching speed are: Utilize upper body plyometrics, practice timing, exercise hand flexibility, have a strong base, and punch through. By applying all 5 attributes into your punch, you will gain a trembling shock punch.

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