5 Ways to Increase Blocking Speed

👉 Hi, I’m MariLiis Bateman and I’m from Trembling Shock Martial Arts and today I’ll be showing you 5 ways to Increase your blocking speed.

🔔 The first way to increase blocking speed is to practice mirroring with a partner. In this exercise, one must be able to block with either hand. Slow sparring with a partner is the best way to master the mirroring effect. What I mean by mirroring is to say your partner throws a right punch, the most natural way would to block with your left fist, thus giving a mirror image.

🔔 In order to block effectively, you must use proper footwork to get you into the proper position. Ways to use footwork to position yourself for an effective block are:

🔵 -Side stepping

🔴 -Switching feet (forwards and backwards)

🔵 -Sliding away

🔴 -Retreating block

🔔 Having proper balance is key to a more impulsive block. One way to practice balance is to keep yourself at a lower center of gravity. This will stabilize your stance thus gaining a base to a faster punch.

🔔 Telegraphing is a mistake a martial artist has made at one point or another. This gives away your next move. Not only does this take away power, it takes away time and speed. I will be showing you 2 video clips of a block with telegraphing and one without.

🔔 A productive block can only be made with proper timing. It is wasted movement to execute a block to the air. The best way to get timing is to practice with a partner, who challenges your reflexes. Your reflexes should be trained to top notch, because your partner could set you up with a fake motion. Remember a block in all actuality is a strike.

🔔 So the 5 ways to speed up your blocking skills are: practice mirroring with a partner, use proper footwork, have balance through a low center of gravity, eliminate telegraphing, and practice timing drills. All 5 tips work together to make sure your block fast and fabulous.

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