5 Ways to Increase Punching Speed for Taekwondo

🖐 Hi I’m MariLiis Bateman and I’m from Trembling Shock Martial arts and today, I’ll be showing you 5 ways to increase your punching speed.

🥊 Alright, the first way to increase your punching speed is to have the proper mindset. It is a proven fact that thinking fast equals moving fast. For example, while you spar think of a race car accelerating across the finish line. To test this theory, walk around and have someone, other than yourself, give you a signal to step into your fighting stance and execute a series of punches. While throwing the punches, think of something fast. You are more than likely to notice your speed increasing. 

🥊 Fast thinking while simultaneously relaxing your thoughts, will create a more productive speed. Although it seems illogical to think fast and relaxed at the same time, but studies show otherwise. In my experiences, if I only think relaxed, my punches tend to be weaker, and if I only think fast I tend tense up, but if I apply both I not only have an explosive punch but I have a speedy punch. How I relax my mind while sparring is to block out unnecessary noises.

🥊 Multitasking will only take you so far, but endurance will take you to the next step. Some matches can continue for a long time. Being able to retain speed throughout the entire match requires a great amount of endurance. At the beginning of the match, the adrenaline and energy, of a fighter, is at the maximum capability. It is the fighters that can preserve to the end of the match, while maintaining speed and power, who will achieve greater results.

🥊 The next way to increase your punching speed is to have proper technique. First you begin in your comfortable fighting stance. In this demonstration, I will start in a right fighting stance. With my right hand, I will execute a punch by moving the weapon first, the weapon being the fist. Then, I will follow through with my body and torque of the hip, making sure the point of impact is made with the two large knuckles.

🥊 Lastly, by combining all the previous tips into punching drills will create the 5th aspect to a faster punch. You may have heard the saying “practice makes perfect,” but I prefer to say “practice makes permanent,” because there is always room for improvement. Now I will demonstrate the drills I know that will help increase speed.

☝ So the 5 ways to increase punching speed are: have the proper mindset, keep your mind relaxed, maintain your endurance, execute proper technique, and practice. Utilizing these 5 aspects will guide you into producing a quicker punch. Be sure to Like us at https://www.facebook.com/USNTATaekwondo

📺 You can also watch the full video here: 📺


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