🏆 Why Should YOU Join the U.S. National Taekwondo Association? 🏆

🎯 Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art.  This art is headquartered in the Republic of Korea (ROK).  In the ROK, the governing body for the sport of Taekwondo is the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA).  Traditional Taekwondo is a fighting art, used for non-military purposes in self-defense. This traditional martial art form of Taekwondo is taught under several different schools or systems, referred to as Kwans.  Each Kwan teaches its own style of Taekwondo.  A student of Taekwondo receives their ranking from their Kwan.  All legitimate Kwans of Taekwondo are headquartered in the ROK.  Taekwondo students of Dan (black belt) level may also request rank recognition through the WTF.

🎯 Some years ago, a decision was made to create a sport form of Taekwondo.  A separate organization, the World Taekwondo Federation, was created to govern this new sport.  The sport form of Taekwondo is now recognized as an Olympic Sport.  The World Taekwondo Federation is recognized as the International Governing Body for the sport form of Taekwondo.

🎯 The purpose, aims, and goals of Olympic Taekwondo are totally different than the martial arts from which it takes its name.  In the ROK, many children and college athletes are taught Olympic Taekwondo, which is the Korean National Sport.  International athletes also continue to study the sport style.  While all adult male Korean practitioners learn the Olympic Taekwondo forms, since it is the national sport, adult men – and women, Police and Military personal choose to practice the traditional forms of Taekwondo under a Kwan.

🎯 KukKiWon is the Taekwondo sport complex of the Korean Amateur Sports Association, the Korean equivalent of the American Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).  While the headquarters of the WTF is located in this sports complex, KukKiWon is not subject to the discipline or control of the International Olympic Committee.

🎯 Since the governing body for the martial art of Taekwondo, the Kwans, wanted nothing to do with the sport called Taekwondo, they still maintain the traditional battlefield tested techniques of the military art of Taekwondo and issued their own certification and have done so since the 1940’s. If you are a student of the traditional military art form you have very little use or interest in the sport.  According to the Federal Sports Act of 1978, there is no legitimate need for any Taekwondo practitioners in the U.S. to pay for a rank certificate from this Korean amateur sports association or World Taekwondo Federation issued Kukkiwon rank.

🎯 The USNTA has formed a strong alliance with the Korean Taekwondo Kwans in and for this country to establish a direct link to Taekwondo’s authentic Korean lineage and to ensure the continued practice of Taekwondo as a martial art.  We represent traditional Taekwondo as it is practiced in the homeland of the art.  We bring the highest Grandmasters in the ROK to the USA to conduct our training.  In the eyes of the founding fathers of Taekwondo in Korea, we are Traditional Taekwondo in the United States.



Richard Hackworth

USNTA President

U.S. National Taekwondo Association National Headquarters

209 Capitol Court Ocoee, FL 34761 USA Ph: (321) 443-8077

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