Laws don’t stop evil men. Good men stop evil men!

So many people are misguided when it comes to how to control or stop evil doers. At least half of the people in our country think that if Congress passes more laws, we can stop crime. I constantly see people on news shows stating how we need more gun laws. It happens every time there is another highly visible shooting. The political hacks come out of the woodwork demanding that we pass stricter gun laws or even ban guns altogether.

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These well-meaning, highly misguided people forget one vital point in their thinking – criminals do not obey the law! We already have laws against shooting people with a gun, or murdering them with any other object as far as that goes. We have background check, finger prints, waiting periods, etc. in order to buy a gun. Do you realize that? We have laws against murder. We have laws about who can get a gun. We have laws about assault and battery. In fact, we have laws about almost everything under the sun in our country.

However, these simple-minded people demand more gun laws every time there is a high profile shooting. Are they really this unintelligent? We have laws against murder, but these same people decided that they also needed laws against hate crimes. What!?! I don’t know about you guys, but when someone takes a gun and murders someone else, THAT IS A HATE CRIME!

Why do we need separate laws to tell people it is not right to shoot someone out of hate or to shoot someone of a certain race or religion? I’m sorry, but people who think that way are mental midgets, at best. I have news for you, murder is not a crime of peace.

The fact is, laws do not stop evil people from doing evil things. They never have and they never will. In order for a law to work, people must have respect for the rule of law. Criminals and evil people do not have respect for the law; that is why we call them criminals!

Criminals are people who commit crimes. They don’t value laws. It doesn’t matter how many laws we have, they will still be criminals. Do you really think that if we make many more laws they will all of a sudden start to value the laws and obey them? Give me a break!

Laws only affect well-meaning, law-abiding people, period. They have no affect on criminals, at least not until after the criminal has broken a law and been caught. Let me repeat, laws do not stop evil people from doing evil deeds. In order to influence the mind of a criminal or evil person, you have to do so by using something that he actually respects.

So what does a criminal or evil doer respect? The answer is strength and power. All criminals respect strength. They don’t want to cross someone who will rip them apart. They never target someone who looks like a cross between a martial artist and a bodybuilder; they target the weak and the vulnerable. They look for easy prey. So don’t look like easy prey when you are out and about.

It is not laws that stop evil men, but good men, that have the skills and the courage to use their skills, that stop evil men. It is beyond me why people can comprehend this fact. That is the real purpose behind true martial arts – being able to defend yourself, and others, from those who would do harm.

As Newton’s first law of physics states, “… an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction UNLESS ACTED UPON by another force.” A criminal will continue to injure others until someone stops him by force.

Don’t buy into today’s political correct notion that you need some corrupt politicians to pass a law to keep you safe. Take responsibility for your own life and your own safety. Learn to defend yourself, both with empty hands and with the weapons of today. And always remember that the law is not going to help you when you are face-to-face with some predator intent on doing you harm; that is your responsibility! In most cases, the law only kicks in after the fact. Warrior up!

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About the Author: Dr. Bohdi Sanders is the Chairman of the Education Committee for the US Delegation of the World Martial Arts Congress.

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