Where We Stand on Poomse by KwanJangNim Jong Song Kim

I have witnessed the declining value of Black Belt amongst Taekwondo sport players as they have now gone generations without the correct practice of Poomse which is the foundation of our art as formalized and organized learning. When practiced properly, each Poomse encapsulates the curriculum for the self-defense training of that rank level.

Traditional Taekwondo Poomse is the practice of a formal is the physical response physical reflexive response to an imaginary violent assault by attackers who are trying to harm you. During Poomse you will be using the movements and stances from your current level of rank or proficiency in solo multidirectional practice.

The movements of the Poomse should be performed with the same speed, power, focus and intensity that would be used when defending yourself and others during a life or death fighting encounter. The various applications of Poomse should be practiced during every class or whenever a training partner is available. Anything less is only a dance.”

When I watch Taekwondo sport players I see only a dance. The amount of ego displayed in the sport Taekwondo organizations brings shame to the art in that it unfortunately shares the same name as the sport while lacking any fundamental resemblance to the true art of Taekwondo itself. At the USNTA we are teaching the historically accurate self-defense application of the forms movements. Remember to focus on your power and intensity during forms training and you will be prepared should you ever need to protect yourself or others during a violent encounter.

About the Author: KwanJangNim Jong Song Kim is Chairman of the USNTA Board of Directors and a former Republic of Korea Marine Corps Taekwondo and Close Quarter Combat JuMokDo Instructor. He is an expert at the Military Art of Taekwondo. 9th Dan GunDae (Military) Taekwondo, 8th Dan ChungDoKwan, 8th Dan Kukkiwon. He is currently the Provost for the KMAIA International Academy in South Korea.

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