World Martial Arts Media Hall of Fame 2018 Male Role Model of the Year Award Winner 🏅

World Martial Arts Media Hall of Fame 2018 Male Role Model of the Year Award Winner

Introducing World Martial Arts Magazine Columnist, Master Jack Makinson: 49 Things You Might Not Know About Master Jack Makinson

🔔 Current City:

Jack Makinson

340 47th Street North

St. Petersburg, Florida 33713

☎ Ph: 727-458-9844

🔔 DOB: 11/20/1952 🔔 Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois 🔔 Age: 65

🔔 Style: ITF (Chang Hon) Tae Kwon Do & Shotokan 🔔 Started: 11/10/93

🔔 School/Dojo: USA Karate – St. Petersburg, Florida

🏆 Instructors:

John Graden 7th Dan

Kathy Marlor 5th Dan

Brent Boyer 2nd Dan

Glenn Laplante 3rd Dan

Joe Lewis 10th Dan

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace

Dr. Neil Shiesske (Kareja Do) 10th Dan

Dr. Jason Hunt (AMAU) 6th Dan

🏆 Rank Advancement:

Gold Belt: 02/03/94

Orange Belt: 05/18/94

Green Belt: 09/21/94

Blue Belt: 01/20/95

Red Belt: 04/12/95

Brown Belt: 09/15/95

Black Belt – 2nd Degree (Nidan) Shotokan: 06/20/04

Black Belt – 3rd Degree (Samdan) TKD: 06/17/06

Black Belt – 5th Degree (Godan) Tae Shoto Do: 11/28/2007

🏆 Forms:

Chon Ji – Heaven and Earth

Tan Gun – Legendary Founder of Korea

To San – Philosopher & Educator

Yul Kuk – Confucius of Korea

Toi Gye – Pen name of a Noted Scholar

Choi Gye – Iron Horse

Hwa Rang – Korean youth movement to reunite the 3 kingdoms of Sila

Choong Mu – Admiral of the 1st Korean Armored Battleship

Kwan Gye – 19th Emperor of the Koguryo Dynasty

Bat Sai Dai (Major) – Breaking through the Fortress

🏆 Competitions/Tournaments:

1999 PMTA Gold Tour, Orlando, Florida – 1st Place – Executive Men’s Classical Forms

1999 US Open, Orlando Florida – 1st Place – Executive Men’s Forms

2003 5th Annual Suncoast Open, Clearwater, Florida – 1st Place – Executive Men’s Forms

2004 GSO Open Bradenton, Florida – 1st Place – Executive Men’s Traditional Forms

2005 US Open, Orlando, Florida – 6th Place – Executive Men’s Black Belt Traditional Forms

2006 Battle of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia – 7th place – Executive Men’s Forms

🏆 Martial Arts affiliations:

AMAU (American Martial Arts Union) Dr. Jason Hunt #: BBI0620KD003FL

Koreja Do (Dr. Neal Schiesske)

JLFS (Joe Lewis Fighting System)

WBBB (World Black Belt Bureau) #: 112052

USADR (United States of America Dan Registry) #: 20040070

AKA (American Karate Association) #: 12-2630

NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) #: 02-2048-05-BBM50

WHFSC (World Head of Family Sokeship Council) # 1035

Sokeship awarded on 11/20/2006

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